Mr & Mrs Phillips-Willis

Lucy & Luke’s wedding day at Burrows Lea Country House was full of emotion, which is very fitting given their story.

The two had a bit of an uncertain start, with Lucy deciding they should just be friends. Nevertheless, Luke persevered and, after a second date, Lucy changed her mind and decided that she actually quite liked Luke. She introduced him to her two children, Charlie & George, who gave him their seal of approval. As things progressed, Luke immediately embraced his new role and treated Charlie & George like his own. Eventually, Lucy & Luke brought a third, Freddie, into the world.

On their wedding day, Lucy got ready with her bridesmaids and Freddie, while Luke got ready with Charlie and George, before heading to their local church in Shamley Green to greet guests together. With Charlie as their ring-bearer, Lucy and Luke had a lovely, happy ceremony, before going on to Burrows Lea Country House for a very sunny reception.

It was here that most of the guests ended up in tears, as Luke gave an emotional speech and broke down whilst talking about their three kids. He was outdone only by Charlie, who gave a surprise speech (prepared entirely by himself) thanking his mum for bringing him up, and Luke for taking on the role of his dad.

I’m so grateful to have been a part of Lucy & Luke’s day, and I’m so happy for them and their three kids.


AK Films – Surrey Wedding Videographer