Intimate Lockdown Wedding – Marylebone Town Hall


Julia & Oliver first contacted me back in February to tell me all about their May wedding plans. After a few weeks of phone calls and emails, it became all too apparent that, like many couples around the country, the wedding day Julia and Oliver envisaged wouldn’t be able to go ahead. Plans were, sadly, put on hold. Several months later, however, the two reached out again…
They decided they were determined to be married before the year was out, and so a day in September was picked, and planning began. Despite further setbacks from yet more restrictions being imposed, Julia and Oliver managed to stay 10 steps ahead, not hesitating to bring their wedding day forward, at just a few days’ notice, to make sure they could get married. And so, on a scorching September day, Julia and Oliver brought their nearest and dearest together and tied the knot.

The couple rented an apartment in North West London to get ready in (though once the getting ready process began, they insisted on not seeing each other before the wedding). As they looked out over the city skyline, Julia put on her makeup in one room with her mother whilst her father helped Oliver to put on his bow tie in another. After a hurried final few minutes of getting ready, the two departed separately for the rather grand Old Marylebone Town Hall. Their ceremony was the smallest I’ve ever been a part of, with just four guests. Nevertheless, the room felt far from empty, and everyone there was beaming to see these two marry. Much like their guests, Julia and Oliver did not stop smiling and giggling at each other as they said their custom vows to each other. Ranging from the trivial to the profound, their promises were a clear reflection of their personalities and summary of their relationship, and this was by far the highlight of the day.


Once the ceremony had ended, the two danced out of the venue to showers of confetti from their guests, before wandering around the idyllic back-streets and mews of Marylebone in the September light. We really could not have asked for better weather as we went in search of interesting shadows and light to use. We ended the day in Regent’s Park, just a short distance from Julia & Oliver’s home, where groups of children on a school trup whooped and cheered for the happy couple.

Whilst not the wedding Julia and Oliver had originally anticipated, their determination won out. I think it’s fair to say that, in the end, they had the perfect day.





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