Become a better filmmaker

Foster a discerning approach to filming a wedding day, and learn how to tweak your camera settings and apply cinematic principles to elevate your shooting process. 

Find your ideal client

From identifying your ideal couple, to cultivating a brand that speaks directly to them, I’ll help you to focus your marketing efforts and develop the ability to sell with confidence.

Tell their story

Distinguish yourself from the rest by speaking to people on an emotional level. Learn how to form a narrative and evoke emotion through the editing choices you make.


I’m Arran Kenny and I’m a wedding filmmaker. 

Five years ago, I decided to ditch a career in the legal industry to pursue wedding filmmaking, and I haven’t looked back since. 

I specialise in making cinematic, emotive wedding films in a discrete and natural way, catering to high-end clients around the world. 

Since shooting my first wedding for £250 in 2017, I’ve worked hard to learn cinematic principles and improve my craft, allowing me to increase my prices to an average of £4000 per wedding. In 2019, I won the FilmConvert award for Best Wedding Film, and was awarded Best Film in the Make Better Wedding Films 2021 competition.

I’m still relatively new to the industry, and I still remember what it’s like to be fighting with other filmmakers in wedding planning groups for leads with £800 budgets. It doesn’t have to be like that. 

I want to help you achieve success in your wedding filmmaking business so that you can film the weddings you want, at the price you want.

All sessions are tailored to you and your goals, and we’ll talk about anything from camera settings and editing approach, to client workflow and managing your finances – nothing is off the table.

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